Amity partners with many people and organizations in the community!

We strive to work together for all the children and families in Freeport. This list contains some of our collaborations: 

  • Amity’s Attic
  • All Our Kids Network
  • Boy and Girls Club
  • CCR&R
  • Child and Family Connections – Children’s services offer collaborative and cooperative partnerships with the community, and state organizations are vital to the success of Amity’s programs.
  • DCFS – At Risk/Foster Care services, licensing, children/parent support
  • Early Childhood Access Consortium For Equity
  • Early Childhood Consortium – Amity has been a member from the start in 1994. Services include shared resources, staff training/development, and shared parents’/children’s programs.
  • FACC – Emergency Shelter for children on walks, food drives
  • FHN – cooperative parents/children training, support service
  • FHN Foundation – provided and AED for the campus
  • Freeport Community Foundation – Supports Amity by funding many requests over the years.
  • Freeport Fire Dept. – CPR training/fire prevention info
  • Freeport Public Library – reading programs, Emergency Shelter for children on walks
  • Head Start – cooperative programming
  • HCC Early Childhood Development program – Executive Director is a part-time instructor, Amity on-site job training/practicum
  • Illinois Action for Children – training and advocacy
  • INCCRRA – ExceleRate GOLD
  • KCC partnerships – Amity, NICAA, Head Start, Boys and Girls Club
  • NAEYC – Accreditation
  • NICAA & Head Start – shared facility cooperative planning, shared resources, and shared maintenance costs
  • NIFB – Amity Food Pantry
  • Regional Office of Education – on-site Early Learning Academy classrooms for many years, cooperative programming
  • School Districts – Freeport #145 combined/cooperative Amity children services
  • United Way – Amity staff volunteers for activities/community services and fundraising drives, collective impact.
  • University of Illinois – Nutrition education
  • WIC – client referrals

Amity Donors and Supporters 2018

Amity is very grateful and most appreciative for your donations and support.

Amity staff volunteer their time for Amity and the King Community Campus.

Amity’s Attic volunteers and society support for our families and staff.


Amity’s Attic and Society

Amity Staff

Albert’s Family

Amanda Myers

Anna Doyle

Antwon Funches

Barb Curry

Barry Anderson Trust

Beichel Family

B&G Club

Braun ThyssenKrup

Cally Thompson

Calvin Collier



Croffott Family

Dakota Community Church

Diane Neal

Eagles Club 679

Elaine Plager

Elizabeth Nelson

Enterprise Holdings

ExceleRate Pilot Team

Family Dollar

First Lutheran Church

Freeport Community Foundation


Gloria Moeller

Golden K Kiwanis

Head Start

Heather Marcum

Highland ECE PRogram

Honeywell Hometown Sol.

Janet Groezinger

Jean Koberstein

Jeanette Grindley

Johnnie Lewis

Judith Barney

Katie Nolan

Kurt Koester

Lincoln-Douglas Kiwanis

Linda FondaMarilyn Smit

Marjorie Phillips


Mark & Elizabeth Gridley

Mary Kelly

Melissa Johnson

The Morse Group


Northern Illinois Food Bank

Regional Office of Education 8

Ron & Julie Asche

Security First

St. John United Church of Christ

St. Thomas Aquinas Church

State Bank

Susan Perry



Ted Odendahl

T.M. Dairy

Union Dairy

United Methodist Women

United Way



YWCA Child Care Solutions


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