A photo of Executive Director Ashley Harms. She is a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and glasses with black and floral frames.

Executive Director Ashley Harms
M.A. Early Childhood Education

Program Director Priscilla McLin
B.A. Early Childhood Education

Curriculum Coordinator- Lead Teacher April Reed
B.A. Early Childhood Education

Financial and Case Manager Louise Russell

Office Assistant Jordan Lampe

Lead Teacher Rhonda Coleman

Lead Teacher Heidi Flynn

Lead Teacher for Twos Mary O’Connell

Lead Teacher Candi Heitkam

Lead Teacher Alan Powe

Lead Teacher Karrie Smith

Lead Teacher Melissa Spaulding

Co-Teacher Amy Chech

Co-Teacher Marshell Davis

Co-Teacher Cathleen Escamilla

Co-Teacher Kathi Gemmell

Co-Teacher Sarina Goldie

Co-Teacher Valerie Hale

Co-Teacher Anajai Jones

Co-Teacher Debra Lampe

Co-Teacher Ariana McCorkle

Kitchen Manager Rhonda Mashaw

Kitchen Assistant Sarah Callahan

Kitchen Assistant Heat Riley

Amity Society Board of Directors

Mark Gridley – President

Kathy Eden – Past President

Jeff Cowman – Vice President

Ted Tomita – Secretary

Beth Bowen

Julie Asche

Jessica Larson

Antwon Funches

Travis Howell

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