Amity Learning Center is licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Service (DCFS), accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and holds ExceleRate GOLD status. We are one of the highest quality childcare centers in the area!


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 6:30 AM- 5:30 PM

Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit or call the center at anytime. Please keep in mind that children are napping between the hours of 12:00 PM- 2:00 PM.



Amity is closed for the following holidays:

• January: New Years Day and MLK’S Birthday
• March/April: Good Friday
• May: Memorial Day
• June: Juneteenth
• July: Fourth of July
• September: Labor Day
• November: Thanksgiving and the day after
• December: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (subject to change depending on when the holiday falls.)



• To provide skillful and loving care, in order for children to grow up with healthy minds and bodies.
• Engage children in developmentally appropriate education, and prepare them for the next steps in life.
• To work as a team among parents and teachers, all for the goal of growth.
• Support and understand parents and family situations.
• Guide parents to use their voices, involving policies and procedures.
• Be advocates for all children and families.



Our early childhood education programs are designed to give each child the experience they need to grow, develop, and reach the next level. We believe that young children learn best through play. Amity utilizes Creative Curriculum, which promotes learning through play. The Amity teachers offer a wide variety of age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities. Children are encouraged to explore their creative minds, while being guided by our trained teachers. Teachers also use an assortment of assessment tools, including Teaching Strategies Gold, to better educate your children at their proper level. All assessment results are shared with families to promote a strong learning team.


Infant Classrooms (6 weeks to 15 months)

The daily routine for young infants is flexible and arranged around each child’s individual schedule and personal needs. The older infant schedule is similar to the toddler schedule, in order to facilitate a smoother transition. Infants are placed on their backs to sleep to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. When infants are put into cribs, all sides are checked to ensure the safety of the infants. Teachers provide a caring, safe environment for the learning and development of language skills, gross and fine motor skills, problem-solving, and personal and social skills. Parents are encouraged to call and visit the classroom.

According to DCFS, breast milk or infant formula shall be served to children younger than 1 year of age. Children between 1 and 2 years of age, who are not on breast milk or infant formula, shall be served whole milk unless low-fat milk is recommended in writing by the child’s medical provider. Children 2 years of age and older shall not be served milk with a fat content higher than 1 percent unless recommended in writing by the child’s medical provider. Parents are encouraged to provide breast milk. Please let us know if you would like a place to breastfeed privately.

Please bring any concerns to the teachers. We would like all parents to feel comfortable leaving their infant in our care.


Toddler Classroom (15 months to 2 ½ years)

The daily schedule for toddlers is flexible and full of opportunities for learning and communicating. The children work on large and small motor skills through activities, such as climbing stairs, running, painting, coloring, and gluing. Many hands-on activities are offered and self-help skills are taught, such as brushing teeth, sitting at the table and eating, feeding themselves, drinking out of a cup, washing hands, and toileting. The Toddler classroom has plenty of room for the children to manipulate and explore their environment.


Early Preschool Classroom (2 ½ and 3 ½ years)

The children in the 2 and 3 year old classroom continue to build on what they learn in the toddler room. The children participate in circle time, listen to stories, and sing songs. Each day one child is designated to be a helper, who helps choose the songs and stories for circle time. Each teacher is responsible for potty training, diaper changing, and small group activities. Small group activities include painting, gluing, cutting with scissors, listening to stories, coloring, identifying objects such as animals and people, putting together puzzles, building with blocks, dramatic play, playing in the water table, manipulating play-doh, and helping with making snacks. Large group activities include daily exercise in the gym and outdoor activities. We would like parents to remember that play is our children’s form of work.


Preschool Classroom PASS (3 ½ and 5 years)

The children’s day includes small group, large group, and work time. In the small group, children are separated into small groups and work on colors, shape recognition, sorting by shape and color, cutting with scissors, gluing, puzzles, writing skills, and a variety of hands-on activities. The large group includes circle time, music and movement, storytime, and outside or gym time. Choice time is the part of the day where the children choose what area of the room, as well as which activity, they would like to play.

PASS is a preschool program for 3 to 5 year old children and their parents. This program is based on allowing young children to learn best through their play and their work. Children are active learners, who need to explore, discover, and develop their ideas hands-on. Classrooms are arranged to provide children and teacher-initiated activities. We also set classrooms up to meet each child’s current development level and interests. We form strong partnerships with our children and their families to create a successful transition into kindergarten.


School Age Program (Kindergarten- Age 12)

The Amity School Age program is operated continuously throughout the year. During the school year, we offer before and after school care. We assist with homework and provide well-balanced meals. During the summer and on no school days, activities are planned and implemented. We cover topics about behavior, growth and development, and life skills. We also plan several field trips throughout the summer months. The children are allowed indoor or outdoor playtime each day.

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